Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My Technology

Hi guy's it's Hunter here i'm back with another post. Today i'm talking about what Technology I have. I have 4 types of Technology. I have a Ipad mini, Chromebook, Xbox one s and I share a computer with my brother. My favourite device is my Ipad mini I also like my Xbox one s. The two things i'm saving up for are a virtual reality headset and a Mad Gear vx6 extreme vortex scooter. Here is a picture of it.

Image result for Madd Gear vx6 extreme vortex
The thing I find hard trying to get this stuff is getting money from anywhere. That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!


  1. Hey Hunter, It is interesting to know what types of technology you have at home - you are very lucky to have so much! I wonder what ways you have tried to make money to save up for the headset and the scooter?

    1. Thank You Miss Morgan, the way I am saving up at the moment is I am going to wait throw out the year and see if I get any money from Christmas and my Birthday. From Hunter


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