Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Best Moment Of My Holidays

Hi guys it's Hunter back with another post, today I will be talking about the best moments in my holidays. The main bit of my holidays was Rugby League. It is my favourite thing in the world to do. I also like to relax. I am going to show you my doc, but I will not be putting the doc on to my blog because it is harder to read than just the words.

The Best Moment Of My Holidays
The best moment in the holidays was when we played the Riccarton Knightsand the Halswell Hornets. My team is the Hornby Panthers. We have been undefeated since I was in the nursery grade. When we played the Hornets we won 42 to 0. I got no tries but I topped the tackle count with 57 tackles, but when we played Riccarton I got 2 tries and got second in the tackle count, with 43 tackles. But the moment that stood out the most was my first try against riccarton. We mucked up our play by getting bunched in the middle. So I yelled give me the ball because they were talking about who we are going to be playing next. So they gave me the ball I stepped there halfback and sprinted straight down the middle to score 4 points, I also sent the ball flying down the middle of the post.

The second best thing that happened was the first week of the holidays were I got to stay at my best friends Blake and Bryce's house for 3 days of the week and we stayed at my house for 2, but unfortunately Bryce had to go up north that whole week. While I was at there house, Blake and I went down the road to his school. They have a quarter pipe at their school, they also have a bank. When I say bank I don't mean the bank that you put money in. I mean where there is a wooden rectangle box with 4 sides but two of them with a ramp. While we were at my house we were probably on the couch or I was teaching Blake how to do a front flip or a ka-boom. The most fun part about my tramp is we get to play don’t touch the balls. This game is about putting soccer or Rugby League balls on the tramp and trying to dodge them. If you touch it you lose, if you jump and the ball goes of the tramp you go off and try to throw it at the person that is on the tramp.

The third best part of my holidays was going to chipmunks because me and a few other kids had a war in the foam gun place. Me and one kid were playing against his big brother and his twin. We agreed that it was even, even know the other team had someone older we said it was even because I and the other guy kept getting him. Then he got my teammate by throwing the ball throw the hole where the gun was. So I snuck down to the bottom of his base and grabbed the hidden foam sword that they have, they brung about 5 of them, but I only grabbed 1. Next I snuck up there base and hid behind him and SLASH!!!! I cut the bag that he had kept is bullets in. I quickly grabbed all his bullets and ran back to my base and shot him with the foam bullet, i got his hair. Then I unfortunately had to go home because my Mom had to go get a warrant.

The rest of the holidays we stayed home and chilled on the couch. It is so comfy in the middle but to the left and the right it’s not as comfy because there isn’t enough springs on those sides. If I wasn’t on the couch I would be in my room on my ipad or I would be outside running around on the lawn or doing front flips on the tramp. The second time I did a front flip I landed on my neck and CLICK!!! My neck clicked and I had to stay inside for the rest of the holidays, but nothing bad happened to my neck Dad just said I had to stay inside. For the rest of the time I was on my Ipad playing Advanced Warfare or playing WWE with my brother or watching the Auckland Warriors play the Sydney Roosters. The Auckland Warriors got 14 points and the Sydney Roosters got 13. My favourite player is Roger Tuivasa Sheck. He got 1 try and set 1 up. My second favourite player is Billy Slater but 2017 is his last year for Rugby League and then he is retiring.
The End By Hunter

The thing I found hard was the paragraphs.

That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!!

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