Friday, July 7, 2017


Hi guys it's Hunter, today i'm telling you about the fun I had at Timbernook. Timbernook is like a forest. It is fun because we got to make a base. Now onto the recount.

When It was time to leave I was sitting next to Angus on the bus. We talked about what we were going to build, we were going to build a hut with Kevin, Jesse and Kaunteya. Then we didn't really talk at all when we finished talking about that.

Then we arrived. We walked to a big building and put our bags there then we just went to sit down because we had to listen to the rules. After that we had a sound off. A sound off is when you have the whole school and make up a name for the class. We couldn't really hear the other classes. But most of the people in our class apart from Jesse and I wanted respectful Rata roar.

After that we went off to build a base. Angus, Jesse, Kevin, Kaunteya and I found a couple of good spots but everyone invaded them. We finally found a good spot that no one invaded. We had it all planned out we a lot of string, rope and tree leather. The only downside was it was next to a barbed wire fence.

Then it was morning tea. Most of everyone didn't even eat morning tea. While I was out get materials Dylan and Levi were breaking and stealing every part of the base. I came back Chrysler started breaking the entrance. We got really angry and started upgrading the base by getting more materials and joining forces with Rory. Rory had tarp and a camo net.

Then it was lunch time, we were eating lunch and Dylan broke the hole base. So we joined forces with Zyon and we made the best and biggest base there. Dylan said he wanted war so we alright. We got lot's of big branches and reinforced the base. Dylan started sending Noah and Shade to scout our base.

Then the war begun. I said the first one to break the other team's base wins the war. He sent Noah to break the base but he didn't go to the base he went for people. After a while he went back. Kaunteya went to look at the base but Dylan started to hurt him so he came back. Kevin went over there and started to get there base but he came back because they were guarding. They came to attack so we sent Kaunteya and Brooklyn. They started demolishing there base, we got excited because we won the war. Most of it was just for fun. Next we took the bus back to school.

That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!!!!

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