Monday, November 6, 2017


Hi, today im showing you my prototec stage 6. It is easy except I rushed and accidently put a extra numbers on 2 questions. Here is the work.

 I found the mistakes hard. That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!

Thursday, November 2, 2017

The Journey Begins 3

Hi, today i am going to show you what we have done so far with our slide. We have put heaps of effort into it. It was hard because we had no idea's. We included heap's of mannequins. Here's the slide.

There are a few things that were hard like the idea's. That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER"S.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Hi, today I did prototec, it is site to test your math out. I did stage 6 to 7. I think stage 6 is to easy. Here is my results.
I didn't think any of it was hard for some reason. That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Journey Begins Ep. 2

Hi, today i'm showing you the journey begins 2 animation. We already made number 1 a long, long time ago. We are currently working on the the journey begins 3. Jesse and I will release it next week. Just incase you forgot about the journey begins 1.

The hardest thing about the journey begins two was trying to evolve Jeff into a zombie. Here is the journey begins 2.

The hardest thing about this post was the journey begins 2 because we had to evolve Jeff into a zombie. That's all from me BOG YOU LATER!!!!!!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Student Led Conferences

Hi, today i'm showing you my student led conferences work. There is reading, writing, math, digital learning, our new learning space and my goals. My favourite subject is P.E. Here is the slide.

The hardest part about the slide was the internet, it wasn't working very good for a whole hour. Remember to comment on what I should work on. That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Canterbury Rugby League

Hi, Today I am telling you about my Canterbury Rugby League. We had a trial for the Canterbury Rugby League. The best people from each team were in a trial for the Canterbury Rugby League team. I and most of my Club Rugby League team made it in.

We had heaps trainings until the day we face the West Coast 11's even know we were the 10's we faced the 11's because every time we v.s our own grade demolish them. We were on the bus and Jacob started taking pictures of people.

Straight away we watched the 9's play the ten's. We were in the stands watching them play the 10's West Coast. They lost probably because they felt sick on the bus. Then it was our turn we ran out and got into kick off set. We lost by 2 points considering our Prop and me our Fullback felt sick plus Jacob got hurt on the bus.

The Next day we were all fine and when we got to the field's we were pumped up and the canterbury team that were on the stands were singing the canterbury song. We ran out and we kicked off. They knocked the ball on and we got the ball back. We scored the first set so they had kick to us. We got try after try after try and we ended waiting for the siren to sound and ran on to the field and celebrated because it isn't who wins it's who scores the most point between the two teams and we won by heaps of points.

The hardest thing about this post was writing it all.

That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Scott Tulloch

Hi, it's Hunter here back with another post, today i'm telling you about Scott Tulloch. He is a author and a illustrator. He is also an artist. He did a silly version of Miss Waho. Here is a slide.

The thing I found hard about this is was the slide. That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!!!