Friday, May 19, 2017

Space Topic

Hi guys it's Hunter back with another post, today we Rata has been learning about Chris Hadfield and planets we could possibly live on. At the moment we can only live on earth, for thirty minutes we have been watching Chris Hadfield videos, one of his videos are named how to brush your teeth in space. My favourite video of his is how to sleep in space. It would be amazing to live in space. Here is a link to his channel. Chris Hadfield's Channel. I learnt that you are more likely to live on a moon from any other planet than you are to actually live on the planet, unless it's earth.

I found finding all of the information hard.
That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!


  1. Hi Hunter, it's Mrs Pam. It's great that you are enjoying Chris Hadfield's videos. I like that you have given details about some of the things he has to do in space and how different it is from living on Earth. Do you think you would like to live on a moon one day?

  2. Hey Hunter, some interesting things you have said in your post. Would you like to live on the moon? Why do you think it would be the best planet to live on? I wonder what things would change if we lived in space?! What an interesting thing to think about!


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