Tuesday, April 25, 2017

N.A.S.A Balloon Christchurch

Hi guys it's Hunter here with some breaking news. Wanaka airport launched a N.A.S.A balloon at 11 a.m today, today is A.N.Z.A.C day. It is in Christchurch right now. I would show you the photo that we tried too take but it is to far away to see. They are trying to get it to Argentina in 100 days, but it might get shot by a shooting star or go into a black hole while it is in space. It is a pressure balloon. Here is a picture of it from 11 a.m.

Image result for nasa balloon Christchurch

I found trying to find a good picture of it in google but they have put loads of pictures on since then but I am sticking with the one I have.



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    1. Thank you Mum, have you got any advice for me? From Hunter


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