Friday, August 5, 2016

Caring for others

     Caring for others

I will be talking about caring for others. Caring for others means if some one falls over you can take him or her to the sick bay. Being polite if you stay at some ones house. If a junior is on the top of the play ground and they can't get down you could help them down. If you are doing a Easter egg hunt and you have lot's of choclate eggs and you see some one with no eggs you could give some to them.

This week I have learnt how to care for others and I have also learnt that if some one needs help you help them as soon as you notice


  1. Hunter this is fantastic! You have some awesome ideas and a good understanding of what it means to truely care for others. It sounds like these things come naturally to you. I wonder who taught you these?

  2. This is a great post Hunter. You have shown you know lots of different ways to care for others. The use of one colour to display your ideas is very effective. How may Easter Eggs do you think is a lot?

  3. Fantastic examples Hunter of how to care for others, I know that you will put these into practice, you are a very good friend. Thanks for being such a great role model to others.

  4. Hi Hunter my name is Eddie I go to Kaniere School. I like this writing
    because at Kaniere School we have secret friends and we do nice stuff for them.

  5. Hi Hunter it's Boston Here.
    I really love your sharing of your learning I know you have been putting most of this stuff into practice especially on the football field buy the way I love your picture.
    What if you put a little more suggestions and ask the viewers to write a comment if the really liked your suggestions or maybe ask them for there caring suggestion maybe. Bye


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