Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Car's Poem

Hi guy's it's Hunter, today In literacy we have been working on a poem about anything, I chose cars. It wasn't that fun doing it but it was alright. This is it.

The thing I found hard about this post was finding all of the cars that rhyme. I also reckon that it was hard because every time I do a screencastify I end up laughing.

That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Hunter your car poem is really thought out.
    My favorite car is lamorgeine.

  2. Hay hunter,
    I like how you have put this on your blog it looks and stands out on here. Maybe next time you should add pitures of those cars.

  3. Talofa Lava Hunter!
    Ashrita here!
    Great job with the poem, I really enjoyed it(it was very catchy)! Man you really know your cars. My favourite car is a Mitsubishi Lancer, I'm also into Toyotas! What's your favourite car?

  4. Hey hey heeey Hunter it's Milan!!!!
    I thought this was AMAZING and that I cannot wait for more of these poems I thought that you did so well and that you should show Mr Wilkinson about this and I bet you he will love it. Maybe one day you could show us how you did this and how you know all these cars I am so happy that I am typing really fast. I can tell that you worked n this really hard also in the video it sounded like you were sad maybe you can go a little crazy and sound like you are proud of your work that you made. I remember the time when I did my poem it was really hard and that it was difficult for me to rhyme the words but you did awesome catch you later.

  5. G'mate Hunter it's Siyona here from Rimu class I like the riming pomes aechily the end one it was quite funny . I like how you putted every cars name beacuse. I lernt some car names ather wise I would not know that much about cars so thank you for teaching me .Just a quchon what reson you where writing about cars .

  6. Hi Hunter, Tobey here.
    This is great and is really cool. I liked how you found all the cars the rhymed you did really well.
    Next time it would be great to add more info about the poem.


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