Tuesday, March 28, 2017

The Water Cycle

Hi bloggers it's Hunter here, this last few weeks I have been working on my Water cycle. This was inspired by my friend Angus. He brought the experiment to school for us to learn about. It was very inspiring for lots of people. Chrysler brought a experiment of his own to school for us to learn about. It was a vinegar and baking soda volcano. Here is my Water cycle doc.

The Water Cycle

1. Big bowl
2. Small bowl
3. Glad wrap
4. Weight
5. Boiled Water
6. Salt

Step 1: You will have to put the equipment on a table.
Step 2: Next pour the Boiled Water a couple of center metres in the big bowl.
Step 3: After that add salt to the boiled water.
Step 4: Then put the small bowl in the center of the big bowl.
Step 5: Soon after that you have to put the glad wrap on top of the big bowl.
Step 6: Now you put your weight in the middle of the glad wrap and wait 30 minutes.

You will see the Boiled water evaporate on to the glad wrap and your weight will slowly work wonders by dragging the boiled water into the bowl and it comes out fresh water.

I found how long you have to wait the hardest because I had no idea how long it should be.



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