Monday, April 11, 2016

Nrl Aukland nine's


Two week's ago the Aukland nine's were on. First up were Rabbitoh's and Rooster's. The Rooster's won . The score was 7 to 16. Next up was Warrior's v.s Sea Eagales. The Sea Eagales won. I was a bit frustrated at Shun Jhonson because he could of scored at the post but he didn't. Next the Ealles were v.sing the Tiger's. the Ealles won 28 to 13. Next up were the Broncos v.s Cowboy's the Broncos won because they kept scoring on the post.The score was 14 to 5. Then I had to go to bed But at 7 a'clock in the morning they came back on. First up was Warrior's v.s Cowboy's.The Warriors won. Next up Ealles and Broncos. The Ealles won.Then it was the final's Warrior's v.s Ealles the Ealles won.


  1. It is so cool that you love sport! My favourite sentence is when you were frustrated because it gives me a really clear picture about how the game was going. How did you feel at the end? Which team is your favourite?


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