Thursday, April 14, 2016

Ngati Moki Marae

Ngati moki marae

Last week we went to Ngati moki Marae.

First we went on the bus and traveled a long way away from the school, I couldn’t keep track of the time.

When we arrived we put our bags at the side of the fence.
After that,we waited at the gate, girls at the front boys at the back.

Then the caller started welcoming us into the Marae.Then Miss Waho replied.

After that we walked guitly into the Marae.

First we had a seat and they sang a waiata.

Then we sang a waiata.

Next we had a biscut and some juice. I thought it was very kind of Next we did hongi’s.

Then we did our mihi’s.

Next we had a break and played on the hill’s. It was really fun because we were rolling down the hills. Straight after that we went in and listened to rosealine telling a story. it was about were the Marae came from and the lake with all the kinds of bird’s. There are about 200 kinds of birds at the lake.
Next we had our lunch. I had a mandarin,a banana, chips and a sandwich. The chip’s were my favourite flavor, sea salt.

After that, we played on the hill’s We were rolling down the hill’s again.

Then we went to a church and we had to look for a old ladie that lived to 112 year’s old.

After that I went into the church and I got to play on the piano.

Next I went to look at all the moss around the church. Fiona said it was even older than the Marae.

Next we put some water in our hand and flicked it behind us. Fiona also said that it keep’s the graves happy.

Next we walked back and we went back into the marae.

Then we got our bags and said good bye. Next we went back on the bus and back to the school.

I had great day at Ngati moki marae.


  1. That is a great recount Hunter with lots of information!

  2. you did great well done and keep it up but next time can you plaese not chosse red

  3. Sounds great Hunter, I really like how you remembered Fiona. Not many people remember.


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