Friday, June 30, 2017

The Journey Begins

Hi guy's it;s Hunter back with another post, today i'm showing you my journey narrative and I will share my journey animation with you. Here is the writing.

The Journey Begins

BOOM!!!! Kaunteya launched a missile towards his own plane because Hunter and Jesse took it and left him behind by accident. They landed in a jungle and Kuntea took a back up plane all the way over here to say “you’se left me behind”. But his backup plane was out of fuel. So they couldn’t make it back.

Then Hunter and Jesse said they were sorry and we need to find some shelter. They explored for a couple of hour’s and finally they found a temple. Then they explored it and Kaunteya found a couple of Katanas/Swords and he gave us 1 each. Next Jesse got off the throne that he found and he started having a sword fight with Hunter. Kaunteya is shooting at the zombie. Next  Kaunteya said “follow me”.

So they followed him into a magical white and yellow room and they all said WOW!!! They all went close to it and they said “what do we do with it. Hunter said “we might have to put our hands on this magical stone.

All of us put our hands on it and we teleport all the way across the amazon and Mexico, to land in Hollywood

Then we live happily ever after.

Here is the animation.

I hope you enjoyed this animation. The thing I found hard about this post was doing the animation.
That's all from me BLOG YOU LATER!!!!

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  1. Kia ora Hunter. It's Jasmine here. This is such a cool animation you boys have work so hard on this when I was going through it I was like WOW this is great how you boys worked together really well I'm very impressed. Kai pai. Just a little question do you think you could make another one and work together really hard its impressive? Bye for now. :)


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