Friday, August 5, 2016

Hunter's Holiday

We were learning to do paragraph's.
Hunter’s Holidays

In the holidays I played two league games. We played Linwood Kea and Hornby Panthers white. We won both games I scored Three tries in each game.
After I played league I went to my grandad and grandma's house to stay a couple of nights. I slept in the lounge because there was no room in the bedroom for me.
While I was there we went to the movies and watched the new ghostbusters movie I thought it was one of the coolest movies i’ve ever watched.
After that we went home and we had lunch we had burger king I got a burger and some chips. After lunch We chilled out on the devices.
When it was time to go to bed I played on my ipad a bit and then I went to sleep.
When it was the morning time we went to the warehouse and I got a nerf gun it is called hail fire it is my best gun out of all of my nerf guns. It shoots elite bullets. Elite bullets are small and they do not hurt.
After that we had lunch we had some savories. After I had lunch I was as full as a bull because I ate most of the savories.
Next I went outside to play with my grandmas dog Casey. She also has a cat named Meow. They got the name Meow because she is always making noises.
Then I had tea we had fish and chips I got a hot dog and some chips.
After that I went to bed I played on my ipad a little bit and I played geometry dash it's a game that you have to jump over obstacle courses.
After that I watched t.v until I went to sleep.
After that in the morning I had to go home  unfortunately. When I got home I went straight to the lounge and played on my ipad.
After that I went to the table and had tea we had steak, lettuce and mashed potatoes.
Then I went to bed and watched a dvd in my room.

By Hunter  

My next step is to do more punctuation. I found the paragraph's easy but I found the punctuation hard.

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  1. Man! What a cool holiday! I really wanted to go and see that movie! I really like your simile of full as a bull, what a cool saying. I can see that your punctuation is improving! Keep working on it!


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